Welcome to Coho Estates
Sekiu's Finest in Resort RV Living

 Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is this like a timeshare?  No. You will have exclusive rights to a site and may modify it within the guidelines of the LLC.
  • Would I actually own the land?  Each membership gives you a 1% interest in the Coho Estates LLC and exclusive rights to a site of your choice plus other privileges.
  •  What is the price range for a membership?  Prices range from $40,000 to $75,000.
  • Can I re-sell my membership?  Yes. You can re-sell, gift, or will it to anyone, at any time.
  • What are the annual dues?  Each member currently pays a $300. per year (for each membership) maintenance fee which covers the cost of water, sewer, property taxes and business operations.
  • Who is responsible for electricity?  There is a meter stand at each site. It is the responsibility of each member to establish an account for their site with the local PUD, including the installation of a meter.
  • Is there financing available?  Yes. We will finance with 50% down, at 5% interest, for a 5 year term.
  • Can two or more people share a membership?  Yes. More than one person can purchase a membership, however, there will only be 30 feet of moorage per membership and corresponding site.
  • Can I have guests?  Yes. Each site is large enough to accommodate two or more RVs. If your guest has a boat, they may have complimentary use of the launching ramp, but will not have moorage at the dock.
  • Can I rent or sublet my site?  No.
  • Can I live there year round?  Boat docks are removed and water to RV sites is turned off from October to May.  
  • Is there a security system?  Access to the RV sites and marina is gated. Two keys will be issued at time of purchase.
  • Are there common areas?  Yes. Vehicle and boat trailer parking is available at the marina.  There are also two fish cleaning stations and a boat washing area available for use by all members. 
  • Are there public restrooms?  No. There is a portable toilet for use at the marina.
  • Are there laundry facilities?  There are public laundry facilities available in both Sekiu and Clallam Bay.
  • Do you have CCR’s?  To protect  each member’s interest, we have Rules and Regulations. These, along with all legal documents can be viewed on our website: www.cohoestates.com on the Legal Documents Links.  Click on the following links for the CCR's.  -   RIGHTS_AND_RESPONSIBILITIES.pdf    and  Rules_Ammended.pdf